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Eyes On Your Goals by Gurdonark
Eyes On Your Goals by Gurdonark

Among some of my personal goals, I’ve written, “write more.” Which isn’t terrible quantitative, but whatever.  So, while I tend to write prose and sometimes poetry, I think GeekyLogic will be a great tool for me to learn how to write blog posts.  Blog posts are much closer to my work correspondence than prose.  Also, writing blog posts will give me a place to post my opinion, and I feel that my opinion is worth the time, effort and money to create and maintain this website.  Said website, in general, gives me a chance to fiddle with all the technical bits that go along with buying web hosting, domain names, and setting up the content management system (and then converting to another one), etc.

For now, I’m not making any money on this site.  In fact, I’m spending money on this site (I’m not even trying to break even).  But it’s one of my hobbies, so I’m not really too concerned about it.  I certainly could be spending a lot more on a hobby, in the grand scheme of things, so I think I’m doing alright.

That said, I’d love some constructive feedback!  I’ve enabled Disqus comments, but if there’s a better format, I’m open to suggestions.  You can also shoot me an email, chat, etc.  Right now, I’m pretty set on Word Press and this theme, but I could use a logo (or suggestions about a logo).  Lastly, I’m not sure if I want to make a schedule for blog posts, because I’d like to emphasize quality over quantity.

Some other things I’m hoping to do include do-it-yourself tutorials and retrospective articles for some of my more complicated artistic endeavors.  When I get around to creating an e-book (I’m being optimistic here), I’ll link to that.  Maybe I’ll even have a giveaway contest or something kitschy like that.

Here’s to looking forward!


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