Pet Peeves

We all have a pet peeve (or two, or three…), but how do these affect our day?  In general, I forget just what my triggers are for this kind of annoyance until it I run into again.  For example, there’s a perfected ratio for chair to table height.  If your chair is too short for your table, you’ll have to lift your arms more than is ergonomically comfortable.  If your chair is too high, there isn’t enough room for your legs under the table (or at all) and you’ll have to bend down to use the table.  This is just one of the reasons tables and chairs are sold in sets.  I, personally, don’t have to struggle with this issue most of the time (though I’d imagine it’s a daily issue for the wheel-chair-bound), but it’s still annoying when I run into this.

What are some of your pet peeves?  Any enlightening suggestions for dealing with pet peeves (besides “get over it.”)?

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